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Featured 'Tech Talks'


'Tech Talk' Series Origin Story

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Jay Lee, 'Tech Talks' originated as a recruitment and educational tool to reach national and state-wide audiences interested in emerging technologies and Industry 4.0. 

Hundreds of Attendees 

Over the course of the Tech Talk Series, hundreds of attendees participated in learning more about Foxconn-enabled technologies that make Smart Manufacturing in Wisconsin possible. 


National Reach: Campus Tours

The 'Tech Talk' Series traveled nation-wide to various universities ranging from private to public campuses. These free lectures provided awareness to the public about Foxconn in Wisconsin. 

Tech Talk Archive

Tech Talks originated in August 2019 in partnership with universities nationwide. These formatted technology-focused lectures have given insight into Foxconn's Global enabled technologies to professionals, job-seekers, and technology enthusiasts.


2020 Archive


2019 Archive

National Reach

Campus Tour Visits:

University of Wisconsin: Madison, University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Marquette University, University of Illinois: Champaign-Urbana, Illinois Insitute of Technology, University of Chicago, Georgia Tech University, University of Cincinnati

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