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Foxconn In Wisconsin

Area 1, Phase 1 Development 


Advanced Manufacturing Facility 

As we continue to monitor market demands for TFT-LCD related products, Foxconn's 3+3 corporate vision will give us the ability to explore new industries such as electric vehicles, digital health, and robotics using AI, semiconductors, and 5G technologies.


Like any business, we will be subject to market demand, and with the nearly 1,000,000 square-foot Advanced Manufacturing Facility, Foxconn will be able to meet market demand with flexibility and deliver a product to market from within the heartland of the United States of America. 

Smart Manufacturing Center 

Foxconn's 296,000 square-foot Smart Manufacturing Center will be the future home of data infrastructure production. With this expansion, Foxconn's Wisconsin operation may soon become a top manufacturer of data infrastructure in the United States.

As the United States continues to evaluate its supply chain sources in a world driven by the need for reliable and secure data transmission, Foxconn is positioned to capture a substantial percentage of data infrastructure market share in the United States.

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High Performance 

Computing Data Center

Already a new landmark in the region, standing at nearly 100 feet tall, is Foxconn's High Performance Computing Data Center (HPCDC) Globe - a project that began construction in early 2020. Now visible from I-94, the HPCDC Globe will be home to future generations of Foxconn employees and a Network Operation Center (NOC). 

As the center of gravity around the Park continues to grow, other like-minded companies will have the option to locate to the Park and utilize Foxconn's high performance computing for their own manufacturing operations. Beyond the borders of the Park, other companies will be able to partner with Foxconn for high performance computing services through Colocation and Software as a Service (SaaS). 

Multipurpose Building

At approximately 120,000 square-feet, Foxconn's Multipurpose Building was first constructed in fall 2018. Now operational, Foxconn engineers and staff work side-by-side with Foxconn enabled technologies such as 5G Networks, High Performance Computing, and Industrial Artificial Intelligence to fulfill current customer demand for Data Infrastructure related products. 

Science + Technology Park Development

Area 1, Phase 1: 2018-Present

Wisconsin Inclusion

$910 Million Invested In Wisconsin 

To date, Foxconn has invested over $910 million in Wisconsin inclusive of all expenditures within and outside of the Park.

3200+ Construction 

Workers In Area 1 

Year over year, construction workers have helped Foxconn materially improve the landscape within Area 1 / Phase 1 of the Park - a process that continues to meet and exceed construction goals for inclusion and Wisconsin First Initiatives.



To date, construction workers and businesses representing 61 of Wisconsin's 72 counties have contributed to Park development. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

COVID-19 Pandemic


To say that people, organizations, and businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic is an understatement.


COVID-19 has redefined how we socially interact, has required businesses to reconsider their methods of operations, has filled hospital wards beyond capacity, and most tragically, has taken the lives of many loved ones.

In response to COVID-19, Foxconn mobilized its manufacturing expertise and supply chain resources to help combat this pandemic.


In April 2020, Foxconn began manufacturing procedural face masks in Mount Pleasant, WI.


Dozens of Foxconn employees worked through nights and weekends in a race against time to get the product to market. Thanks to their work, Foxconn was able to donate 100,000 masks to Governor Tony Evers and the State of Wisconsin. To date, Foxconn has assembled over 13 million procedural masks in Wisconsin.


To purchase masks made in Wisconsin visit the link below and contact SIO International Wisconsin, Inc.

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 High-Efficiency Modular  Data  Center

Modular data center design can reduce over design + waste

Fresh Air Cooling PUE <1.1

Green cooling solution

and less impact environment



Modular data center design keeps data center MEP working at high-performance conditions

Waste Heat Reclaim

Waste heat produced by the data center to heat office in winter

Wisconsin Community Engagement

Location: Science + Technology Park

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